Finding the best electric shaver for birthday

I had moved to New York for a great new job. The adjustment was overwhelming at first. Not only did I have to adapt to a new career, but an older apartment, because renting is expensive in the big city.

New York can be an intimidating city to move to. Suddenly you’re crammed into a tiny space where people are everywhere. There’s great diversity in New York. The first thing you learn is to not gawk at people, even if they’re dressed in a crazy costume. After I’d settled in, I decided to start socializing. Fortunately I met a new boyfriend through my work, but at a different branch, so we didn’t work directly together. It was great having a New Yorker show me around all the sights. I learned where to buy authentic Italian pizza, find the best shops, and learn to navigate the subway system. I’d only had my boyfriend for about a month when he told me his birthday was coming up. It’s always a big dilemma buying a man a birthday gift when you still don’t know him all that well. One Sunday morning I realized that he was having difficulties with his old electric shaver. It seemed to take him longer than normal to get ready in the morning. I’d finally made a gift-buying decision. I would buy my new boyfriend a brand new electric shaver. He’d then be able to toss the old one in the trash. A new one would save him time in the morning, and he’d have a cleaner, smoother shave than what he was getting now.

I’ve never bought a man’s electric shaver before so I wasn’t certain where to begin. I decided to shop a popular discount department store. The problem was that the shavers were all in their boxes. There were no display models on offer. The boxes were sealed so I couldn’t even take a look at them to see if I was on the right path. I headed to a higher-end department store, of which there are plenty in New York. There were display models but they were kept behind the counter. When I’d finally attracted the attention of the salesmen, I had to undergo some pushy sales techniques. I did however have a chance to look at a few different brands: Braun, Philips, and Remington. Now that I knew the most popular electric shaver brands I could start finding the best price. It’s certainly not easy traveling from store to store. I finally decided to search for electric shavers online. What’s so great about shopping online is that they show photographs of the products in different orientations, and list the full set of features of each one. I could also check the reviews to see what other people said about the product. Eventually I ended up finding the best electric shaver online. Shopping online is a no-pressure shopping experience, with plenty of review comparisons and price comparisons. When I shop next for a women’s electric shaver I’ll also be buying it online.

In Search of the Best Baby Monitor

Nothing proves it better, that you have finally got approved by a new society and fit into the city, you moved to, when you get invited to such important events, as a baby shower. And to my greatest amusement, it happened to me. One of my colleagues, Stacy, is 6 months pregnant now and she decided to drop a fancy party to celebrate it.

Apparently, baby showers are a big deal in New York, but I don’t know much about them as in my village it wasn’t really common to drop parties, while you are pregnant. In fact, I have never ever attended a baby shower, so you can probably assume my level of excitement. I did not want to confess this to Stacy and the other girls, I mean, that I’ve never been on a baby shower, as they would think I was brought up by cows and pigs on a farm and that would pretty much destroy my prestige at the office. So, I just kindly accepted the invitation and told her that, of course I’ll be there.

I almost got caught, when I asked her what present would she like me to get her. I thought that it would be a nice thing to get her a present, but as it turned out, that is a compulsory, as that’s what a baby shower is about. She looked at me as I had two heads, or something, than just kindly said, that she already did her register and that she would send it to me.

This literally means that she has picked her presents, so we can choose from them! New York surprises me each and every day, I’m telling you. Two days later, I got the list via email, and it was extremely long, probably every item from Babies R Us. As I did not know where could I find that store and I did not have a car or time, to bother with things like that, and on the top of all I always preferred online shopping, I tried to find something on the list, which was not connected to a store. Luckily, I found it.

It was standing alone at the end of the list, looking real sad with the caption: ‘They did not have more of this, but I would really need one.’ I felt myself in heaven, it was a baby monitor, and I knew that I can find one online, for sure. I can give a unique and useful present and I do not need to leave the house while I do it. So I started to search for the best baby monitor ever and it wasn’t easy at all.

There were so many possibilities and I did not really have any experience, I had to read all the reviews and go through the pictures. I’m telling you this, because it was a really hard to find the best, I made pro-con lists and spent with it a lot of time. But, eventually I found the baby monitor, which probably will get Stacy’s jaw drop, on the Baby Monitor Ninja. I would really recommend it to you, as this site helped me to find the best, while I did not know anything about it! I’m even more excited about the shower, now that I have a present for Stacy. I’m sure she’s going to like it, I’ll tell it to you next time!

After my first Week

I’m back! So many things happened with me again! Back to my village, I couldn’t have done this blog writing, it seems that nothing ever happened with me back then. But not in my new, splendid life!

I’ve had the first week of my job, I work in an office and everyone is really nice, besides it’s quite close to my apartment in Downtown. You might think that I’m actually working on Wall Street, but unfortunately that’s not the case, I have a more boring job than that, so I won’t even want to write about it too much. Although I walk by the Wall Street Bull every day heading towards Bowling Green metro station, so that’s something! I start my days with a Starbucks coffee, which is right on the corner of the street and I finish work at 4, so I still have plenty of time to explore the City of my Dreams!

Yesterday, I’ve had a quite hard day at work, so I’ve decided to stay in Downtown and visit the 9/11 Memorial. It was so majestic and the same time heart-wrecking, I would recommend it to everyone who comes to Manhattan. Also, the new Word Trade Center is huge, and beautiful. Not a classic beauty, but a modern one, with its mirror-like outer, you can see the clouds pass by on it, breath-taking, really. At the same time, every building is breath-taking, as I’ve never seen such huge buildings. New York is really the city of continuous amazement. I feel like I’m in an amusement park all the time. Especially if you observe the people for some time! But I’ll leave that for my next post; it’s a rather large topic, now food shopping is on. I’ve found the best yoghurt price in the area!

Coming back to you soon!

Living the Dream

Hey People!

My name is Patricia, and I must confess, that I’m quite inexperienced in blog writing, but I will do my best. At least I have a really amazing topic! NEW YORK… It feels like I’ve been reborn in a completely different life. I’ve moved to New York 2 weeks ago from a little village in Utah, which is quite a big deal, regarding that it was my dream, since…forever?!

For the past 2 weeks I was in shock, that’s why I’ve just started writing my first post… I have so much to say, this city is the most amazing thing ever happened to me, or to anyone, who lives here, I believe. Now that I’m used to the idea, that this is my new life, and I absolutely love it, I’m ready to share my experiences as a brand new “New Yorker”.

Culture in the City

As I’ve never been here before, the first thing I had to do was to act as a tourist, just for a few weeks, so I can get to know the City… transportation, and other technical things. I’ve visited the major museums first, such as the MET, Guggenheim and Natural History Museum. It is not hard to choose between them at all, MET is my absolute favorite! It is versatile, modern and classic at the same time, I could spend the whole day there, but there is so much more to see! Besides, I can go there anytime, as I live in Manhattan. I might even say that the MET will be my special place, where I can escape, when I’m tired of everything and everyone. I probably should explain this last sentence; otherwise you could think that I’m a really negative person, which I am not. So, I already have some friends, who live in the city for ages, I mean, they were born here. Amy, who is one of my best friends here, gave me some advice, and this was one of them. I don’t want you to think that Amy is the negative person or something (esp. if she reads my blog), she is really not, she is just someone who says things like “Pat, the first thing you have to decide on, is a place you can go to for some alone time, out of your apartment, when you get frustrated. New York is the best, I won’t argue with you on that, but it can be a lot after Utah!” And she was right. It’s a lot. Utah is basically empty, no population compared to New York, but I love getting to know new people, so at least I have a choice.

This is all for today, as I still have a lot of unpacking to do and things like finding a shop, which has the best price on yoghurt and finding the best route to work. I promise, I won’t disappear, you will hear from me soon, very soon!